First of all, have you ever dreamed of having a TV/DVD Combination sitting in your living room ?  I know I have. When the designers were coming up with ideas, to keep things simple, they probably had me in mind. I am all for keeping things as simple as possible and less cluttered.  For that reason , not having a separate DVD player to clutter and a few less wires laying around , does really appeal to my simple side. This combo is a great way to change netflix and chill, to movies and relax. isn’t that what we all really want, to relax.

Certainly, with that in mind, this TV would be a dream come true, for me and million others.  Furthermore with today’s technology and H.D. screens, this would be the ideal setup for most of today’s living rooms. As a result, I’m adding a TV/DVD Combination TV to my list right now, and circling it !