Outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists are finding a new source of fun and pleasure with Camera Drones.   When going to the park,  great outdoors, or just in the backyard, Camera Drones are fast becoming a source of fun and amusement.

Camera Drones can provide  a view of the backyard or the park, that just wouldn’t be possible without them ! Most of them have the ability to take and store pictures or video from above, that are just wonderful and unique.

With a little practice, one can operate a drone to perform the basic movements with little or no effort.  Some of them have the ability to return to the starting point by pushing a button !

The word of caution here would be to check with local ordinances for flying drones. Some limit the flights to 1500′ or less and don’t allow flights within certain limits of commercial property.

Obey the laws and wishes of others, and enjoying these Camera Drones is a absolute blast !!