Just the other day, I was in my financial adviser’s office, and there on the wall of the conference room was a beautiful LED LCD Commercial Display Screen !

What a beautiful addition to the conference room.  It was showing a video of a European city by a drone flying over head.  How relaxing to view the footage as I waited a few minutes for the meeting to begin.

First of all, one needs to relax before a meeting especially if it reviewing your personal finances. This screen on the wall did just that.  As a result when our meeting started I was relaxed and in calm receptive frame of mind. The screen was doing it’s job.

Later on, my advisor and I were talking about some figures and a bar graph, my advisor was able to transfer his laptop screen to the LED LCD Commercial Screen on the wall.  As a result, we could both see and point out what we were talking about by looking at this screen on the conference room’s wall. That was certainly more helpful than sharing a laptop computer screen.  Due to that, out meeting was certainly more  helpful and professional in it’s presentation to me.  Consequently, that was a great idea to put a LED LCD Commercial Display Screen in that room !